The Turkey Noghay, An Endagered Language: A Documentaion and Attitudes Study

Language is very significant in that it does not only make it possible people to communicate but also to facilitate the protection of their cultural identity and the transmission of it to next generations. Research indicates that there are nearly 7000 languages spoken by distinct groups of people. However, most of these languages are reported by field experts to be extinct in near future or later. Those languages, which are less prefered by native speaker due to several reasons, are commonly called ‘endangered languages’. When the last native speaker of these languages dies, they are named as a ‘dead language’, completing its life.

Noghay language is considered by UNESCO as one of the endangered languages and also, rated as definitely endangered. Its code number is ISO 639-3 and its abbreviation is nog. In a similar vein, the variety of Noghay spoken in Turkey, which has somewhat distinct grammatical features due to its interaction with Turkish, is known to have less speakers (although there is no scientific record of these speakers) and the transfer of it to next generations is very limited, making it risky.

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